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INTERPLAST BG Ltd. is a Bulgarian company trading raw recycling materials and re-granules. The company owns a recycling line for hard and soft plastics. The company is also trading with wood material, nuts and palm oil.

At the Annual Balkan Business Awards event in March 2018, Interplast BG Ltd. was awarded "Best Green Business 2018".

Our main customers are leading European companies in the area of polymeric materials recycling and production.
In the recent years INTERPLAST BG Ltd. has enlarged its activity by trading baled non-metal waste materials - PAP, LDPE, HDPE, PP and others thus becoming the biggest waste plastics merchant wholesaler in Bulgaria .
In 2014 the company reached around 75% of the total market share of collection in the country of Bulgaria.
Our company has a central base in Sofia as well as several logistic warehouses around the country in order to stay closer to our suppliers.

Our activity is closely related to the big waste generators in Bulgaria like different centers, warehouses, municipal and private terrains for waste collection, depots for waste separation and pretreatment, and last but not least, plants and enterprises of different economic fields.

Our Mission

Our faith in “The Green Idea“ concerning the environmental and energy resources protection is fundamental for our mission.

  • We seek to constantly develop our activity for the benefits both to ecology and society.
  • Our fundamental principle is to build trust in us as a reliable partner through the services we provide as well as through the individual approach to every one of our suppliers and customers.
  • Through our work we encourage a policy of optimization of the processes concerning the collection and pretreatment of non-metal waste materials subject to recycling and re-cultivation.
  • We undertake clear engagements to all our suppliers for their products realization from the waste collection to its transportation to recycling installations.
  • We implement proven and effective world practices and tools for waste management through our partnership to leading companies in that field around the world.
  • We promote the environmental protection culture by sharing our knowledge and experience to training programs and educational projects since we believe that by our joint endeavors we will be able all to build a cleaner world tomorrow for our children and us.

Our Team

INTERPLAST BG Ltd. is structured by a team of employees of great experience in the area of waste collection, pretreatment and trade of plastic materials. Our commitment and professionalism reflect directly on our strength, reputation and vitality. Every important decision in our company is subject to a large discussion with our team where every opinion and suggestion is highly appreciated. We are extremely grateful for the contribution and the skills of the people we work with. What makes us different from many others and undeniably makes us better, is the fact that apart from being colleagues in our work we are also friends in life.
We believe that this is the formula of the big success in business.

Our Company Values

We all in INTERPLAST BG Ltd. are aware of the importance of the company values and we seek to make sure that those principles are constantly applied to our work. We are responsible to our customers, partners and employees by keeping our commitments, accomplishing our planned results and aiming at the best quality in our work. We have found that for a successful partnership it is important that our values and aspirations must be in line with those of our partners’. This is the basis of all we do.




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